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How to Lower Your Home Heating Cost: 5 Easy Strategies


Many of you have resolved to reduce your energy bill this month. That’s excellent.

Frugal homeowners always look for ways to save money by consuming less energy in the form of oil, fuel, or electricity. Smart home managers are aware that the biggest energy suckers are the cooling and heating systems. On average space heating accounts for about 45 percent of energy bills based on the US Energy Department’s data.

How to Lower Your Home Heating Cost: 5 Easy Strategies

Think you need to endure cold nights to save on space heating costs? Probably not. There must be something that can be done to cut heating consumption without compromising comfort. This is the exact mindset that you need to reach your desired energy-saving goals.

The solutions could be a lot easier and simpler than what you might expect.

Examine Existing Home Heating Practices

Think about how you use your heating system. You (or your family) may have habits that must be changed. Ask yourself the following questions and answer them honestly:

1- Do you turn off the heater when you don’t need it?
2- Do you lower the temperature when you go to sleep or when you are not home?
3- Do you keep windows closed when it’s cold outside?

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Sometimes, we can forget that a smart device is necessary to keep our heating bills down. With a programmable thermostat, you can set the temperature at different times of the day or while you are away or asleep. You’d be surprised by the amount of savings you would gain by spending extra bucks on this clever device.

Harness The Natural Heat From The Sun

Let the sunshine in during the day in the winter months. Allowing the sun to heat the room would lessen the load of your space heater or furnace. But remember to close your window drapes at night so you can minimize heat loss. Heavy curtains absolutely help keep the warmth inside.

Look For Leaks, Cracks, Or Holes And Fix Them

If you get unexpectedly high heating bills month after month, it is best to survey your house for gaps or openings that leak out the heat. If you own the house, you can add insulation on walls or consider air sealing or weather-stripping your doors and windows. If you are renting, speak to the landlord and negotiate to deduct the insulation expenses from your rental fee.

Check Your Heat Distribution System (ducts) For Leaks And Insulate Them

You can minimize heat loss by inspecting where heat travels through. Hot air is wasted when the main heating system is installed in a cold area of your house, like the attic or basement. Buy insulation for your pipes and make sure that cracks or gaps on ducts and joints are securely taped (using duct tape).

A Few Words on Maintenance and Proper Wardrobe

A well-maintained heating system is energy-efficient. It would be wise to keep a maintenance checklist and update it regularly. For instance, you can include these tasks on your list:

1- Ensure that the air filters of your heater are thoroughly cleaned monthly.
2- Check your heating system for dirt or corrosion.
3- Air vents, radiators, and baseboard heaters must be also inspected for any obstructions.

At times, some answers are so obvious that you never have to look further. Most explorers who travel in winter know practical and effective ways to fight the extreme cold. They keep their bodies warm instead of the air around them. Similarly, you can start spending on long underpants, warm socks, multiple layers of clothing, and a thick blanket.

Do you find these tips easy to follow? Share with us your awesome ideas on how to save on home heating costs in the comment section.

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