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4 Lessons To Teach Your kids on How To Be Eco Friendly


4 Lessons To Teach Your Kids on How To Be Eco Friendly.  In a world where sustainability and renewable energy are becoming more and more popular as words, people must make sure they fully understand the importance of preserving the environment and doing everything in their power to prevent harm to it. What is more, the young should be taught and educated about these issues, as they are the future generation that will suffer from unsolved problems and benefit from solutions.

Kids can be amazing listeners and they can be taught very essential lessons on the important issue at hand – ecology. Preserving and cleaning the environment is not a single act, but rather it is something we must do every single day in our activity. Kids can contribute to this as well if they are introduced to the matter. Parents are oftentimes concerned with a ton of other things, but they must also find the time to explain and teach the following habits:

4 Lessons to Teach Your kids on How To Be Eco Friendly

Turn off the lights and appliances

Energy vampires are real. They are not monsters in flesh, but take the shape of electrical appliances and lights that you do not turn off in your house. They must instead be starved, by plugging them off when not in use.

Teach your kids to turn off anything electrical they are not using, as well as to switch off any light as they exit a room. This will create a very good habit from young age, as well as notably affect your energy bill – if you follow the example as well, your bill can decrease by roughly 10%!

Do not waste water. Simple as that

Water is a precious resource that should never be wasted. Of course you must not sacrifice hygiene or cleaning, but you must make sure that water is spent on the tasks at hand. Kids tend to get lost in thought when washing hands, or play when taking a bath.

Instead of promoting this, make sure you explain to them that water should be preserved and that they should use less of it. Tell them to stop the water while they brush their teeth, or when you engage them in domestic cleaning activities.

Do not litter – very important

A lot of kids can develop bad habits like easily discarding their food wrapping and toss it on the ground before getting their hands on a desired treat. Make sure you explain to them this is wrong and that trash belongs in the bin. This will also teach them to take better care of things inside their own room, to better tidy and pick up their toys. Next time you have to do some carpet cleaning your way.

Recycle plastic, tin cans and paper

Even if children cannot fully understand the importance of recycling, you must make sure they know it is very important and you can teach them how to do it. It’s very easy to turn it into a game of ‘get the item in the right bin’, and they will soon learn to do it always.

Take Notice

Such habits can be not only beneficial for the future state of the environment your children will live in, but they can also be invaluable as they will teach them how to be a better person overall. Parents will do well to consider this.

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