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Empower Your Community with These 4 Green Living Tips


Sustainable solutions are a hot topic in communities everywhere these days. A lot of attention is given to climate change by people in the media and political realms. Consequently, environmentally friendly products and activities are being pursued by community leaders, businesses, and individual citizens.

Empower Your Community with These 4 Green Living Tips

If you are interested in making a positive difference in your community, there are several things you could get involved with to spread the word so others will eventually have the same passion for green practices that you do. One place to start would be to seek out a community leader.

Such a person would likely have a good understanding of why it is important to protect the environment. This person may also be able to get you connected with people who are in a position to help put some of your ideas into practice.


Items that are recycled do not end up in the local landfill. Landfills everywhere are filling up and every item that does not end up there is one more contribution to conservation. The bulk of the items that are thrown away are not biodegradable. This means they will be there permanently since they will not break down over time.

The key to making a recycling program effective is to make it as convenient to recycle as it is to throw something in the trash. Therefore, by getting involved with your community leaders, you may be able to help implement a curbside recycling program. Containers could be supplied that could be placed in the same location as trash containers. They could be picked up in the same manner the trash is without imposing any inconvenience on the residents.

Stream and Lake Cleanup

Coordinating a day once or twice a year during which volunteers can go to preassigned locations and remove garbage and debris from the lakes and streams can make a big difference. This not only prevents water pollution, but it makes the waters more attractive for recreational activities on the part of residents and tourists.

Low Energy Lighting and Appliances

Participating in some type of community involvement activity to help educate the public on the advantages of using low-energy lighting when they need to change their bulbs and to look for Energy Star appliances when it is time to replace a heat pump, refrigerator or other appliance will save on electricity usage, which will, in turn, conserve natural resources.

Car Pool Programs

Coordinating a program by which individuals whose daily travels take them to the same destinations can help connect people who would not otherwise have the opportunity to save on gasoline usage. Community leaders could even help to set up something like a minibus station, whereby travelers could meet and leave their cars on days when it is not their turn to drive.

Technology has reached the point that environmentally friendly practices are no longer more expensive than other options. A big part of making these green tips practices more widespread is through public education. By hooking up with your community leaders, you could find a way to make a big difference in your neighborhood.

Meghan Belnap
Meghan Belnap
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