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10 Eco-friendly Brands That Will Inspire You To Go Green


Climate change is a big issue and one that is crucial to address before the planet is irrevocably impacted. On an individual basis, we can make a difference by recycling, shopping locally, driving less, and trying to live more sustainable lives. We can also shop with our dollars, giving our money to companies that are dedicated to helping the planet.

10 Eco-friendly Brands That Will Inspire You To Go Green

Here are ten Eco-friendly brands that are working towards a more environmentally conscious future. They will inspire you to up your own green living attempts.

Seventh Generation

You have probably come across Seventh Generation products at your local grocery store. They are an organic, eco-friendly product line that sells baby wipes, cleaning products, and laundry detergents that have been made without chemicals that can get into the earth and cause harm.

All of their packaging is also from recycled materials, much of it plant-based to make it biodegradable. They have won awards for creating green products at an affordable price that can work with most budgets. While they aren’t the lowest-priced items on the shelf they compete well with other affordable brands.


Cocoweb, California-based manufacturer of lighting products, is a vocal supporter of LED technology and its energy-saving and environment-friendly benefits.

Check out their infographic on how LED lighting can help you reduce electrical and maintenance costs and help you maintain a more sustainable living.


Patagonia is a well-known, well-beloved outdoor product line that sells adventure wear and items that are meant to be sturdy, repairable, and green. Instead of encouraging people to replace items they have made physical stores that will fix items for a small fee.

This is a major benefit to the environment as it requires less production, which is very bad for the ecosystem. While they have admitted that they still have more of a carbon footprint than they feel is acceptable they are trying to make changes to fix that. In the meantime, they have dedicated millions to small environmental non-profits that are dedicated to saving the planet.


You wouldn’t expect a big-box store like Ikea to be green, especially given the cheap quality of their goods which makes replacements more common. Yet they have put in place a company-wide initiative to reduce their reliance on harmful energy sources.

Most of their stores and headquarters are run on solar energy, they sell LEDs in all products as they are more energy efficient and they support wind farms. All in all, it is an impressive effort from one of the biggest international retailers around today.


The UK-based PeopleTree wants to prove that you can make ethically produced, eco-friendly clothing while still offering it at a fair price. All of their clothing is organically made cotton and has been provided by workers in third world nations.

But unlike other lines that use sweatshops and bad conditions, PeopleTree has been working with fair trade organizations to provide high pay and positive conditions for all workers. As for consumers, they pay the average rate they would at any department store, never being gouged for maintaining their principles. This practice has been going on for twenty years, making them a leader in responsible fashion.


Keurig has a reputation for being bad for the planet but it is totally undeserved. Almost all of their K-Cups are approved for recycling, even though many of their customers choose not to do so. The company has been trying to encourage them to begin, a great step in the right direction.

Then there is the fact that single-serve coffee uses less water than full pots, which can often go to waste. On the manufacturing side they are also trying to make a difference. They have greatly reduced their waste output and are hoping to go 0% waste within the next couple of years, so nothing from their plants ends up in a landfill.

Beyond Meat

Did you know the largest release of greenhouse gases doesn’t come from cars, or factories, or anything else manmade? It comes from livestock, specifically cows. These herds of cows make up the majority of gases that contribute to climate change.

They also require a huge amount of food and water resources, which could be placed elsewhere. But with such a heavy reliance on the meat industry, it is unlikely this will change any time soon. Beyond Meat is one company that is trying to break that reliance. They offer meat replacement options that are similar in taste and texture but 100% made from plant matter.


On the other side of things, Nisolo is offering leather products but with better practice involved. All animals are treated ethically and without the horrible conditions of other meat factories or tanneries. All waste is handled in the most environmentally conscious way possible, with a mission to minimize it as much as possible.

Their employees are highly paid and have full benefits, with individually made products that are more thoughtful than what you find on an assembly line. This also lessens their carbon footprint by reducing pollution that would otherwise be found in a plant.

Energy Insights

Sometimes we have to stop and appreciate the efforts of businesses to save energy within their walls. Given how much can be used up by a single office building it can add up and hurt the Earth.

Energy Insights is trying to help with that. They are an energy solutions company that helps companies to create eco-sustainable plans and systems for their businesses. All in a way that helps those companies save money in the process, giving them an extra incentive to make those changes.

Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel is best known for one thing: they use 70% sustainable materials and processes to make their clothing.

All of it is fair trade, eco-friendly, supports the local economy in their home base of LA, and helps in other countries where they have their clothing made.

Have any other companies to add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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