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Upsides and Downsides of Electric Cars


Some love them, some hate them but the truth is that they are here and they are here to stay. The electric cars are nowadays almost the obligatory part of every car producing company and there has to be some good reason for it. They come in different shapes and sizes and it is probable that their production will increase in the years to come. However, they are not all that rosy and whether you are ready for your first electric car or not is up to you. That is why you need an educated guess about them. Here are some of the reasons why they are good and why they are not. Just like everything else, they have their good and their bad sides.


Upsides and Downsides of Electric Cars

In some way, this is a dream come true. You don’t have to wait in the line, and you don’t have to wait for the gas station and think about them ever again. Not to mention to carefully monitor the price of gas all the time. You just need to park the car on your driveway and plug it in so that it can be recharged. That is a definite upside of having an electric vehicle. However, there is a downside to this heavenly thing.

After all, it sounds like something that is too good to be true. The recharging is necessary after some 100 miles or so. Moreover, the recharging doesn’t last as short as filling up the tank with gas. To be more precise, it takes up to several hours to recharge the EV entirely. This is a definite downside to having an electric car, but knowing the way the technology grows, it is only a matter of time when this will be fixed and newer models will appear with longer battery lifespan.


 Electric Cars

It is definitely cheaper to fill up the car with electricity than to do it with gas. Especially with the ever coming prospect of gas disappearing entirely from the face of the Earth, but first, probably, reaching some astronomical prices. However, in order to be able to save later, you need to pay more in advance.

Since they are quite a novelty and the production costs are quite high, the price of the electric cars is significantly higher than that of cars of similar range and model that is fueled traditionally by gas. It saves on the long run and the longer you drive it, the more it pays off through the fuel costs, but it is all up to you and your preference if you want to pay more at once or pay less but on a significantly longer period of time.


Electric Cars

The upside of having an EV is that they grow in popularity and there is this cool factor about them that makes the design somewhat secondary. This is very interesting and it is a good thing that they are getting trendy. However, on the downside, you cannot really choose from some big range of models and take a pick. It is not that little of a range, but it is far below the range of models of traditional cars. However, that is just one more thing that will be fixed in the future with the expansion of the electric vehicle industry.

Ecological Impact

 Electric Cars

The upsides of electrical vehicles are quite obvious when it comes to ecological impact. They don’t use fossil fuels, they are extremely low on emissions that hurt the environment and pollute the surroundings. Even the sound pollution is very low as they are very silent. However, there are some things that are not that perfect about them and those are the batteries that are all but environmentally friendly. Making them and transporting them is not that eco-friendly at all, but the more they last, the more that impact is reduced.


 Electric Cars

The upside is something that a lot of new owners will definitely love. The maintenance costs of regular checkups and touchups are significantly reduced. All that dirty work that is so regular for traditional gas-fueled cars is the thing of past. Changing oil and having all those tedious things done will be forgotten quickly. However, one of the things that stays the same is changing tires.

The problem of flat tires is still with us and for the time being, it is here to stay. So make sure to choose only the great tires from the various selection. One thing is for sure, being environmentally conscious, you know the first rule of thumb when it comes to tires – don’t dump them just anywhere. They are easily tracked down to you nowadays.

With these upsides and downsides, it is obvious to see that the downsides of the EVs are things that can be easily fixed in the future with some innovative engineering that is sure to come.

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