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Know The Deployment Of Three Generations Of Renewable Energy


The Commercialization of renewable energy requires deployment of three generations of renewable energies. The concern for renewing the energy started 100 years from the time technology has evolved. Due to the population growth, the energy is becoming scarce and there must be some alternate method to save energy for the further generations.Till date, there are three generations of technologies used for renewable energy, Let us discuss the generations :

First Generation

The first generation of renewable energy includes mature and economically competitive technologies like geo-thermal power, hydro-electricity, bio-mass and heat. This generation emerged after the Industrial revolution in the 19th century.

Geo-Thermal Power and Heat

Know The Deployment Of Three Generations Of Renewable Energy

Geo Thermal Power is created by flash steam power stations, dry steam power stations and binary cycle power stations. Geothermal heating is used by nearly 70 countries and geothermal electricity is used by 24 countries so far.

Hydro Electricity

Hydro electricity is widely used as renewable energy for generating power, which is created by the gravitational force caused by the waterfall.



Bio-mass is completely a mature technology formed by industrial , municipal and agricultural wastes. This technique is age old and in high demand, but the pollutants created by this causes health hazards.

Second Generation


After the oil crisis of 1970, as an investment for energy security the technologies were improved after a lot of research development and demonstration. This generation of renewable energy includes modern forms of bio-energy, wind power, solar heating and photovoltaics.

Wind Power

Because of the high potential and low production cost, wind power has gained much popularity. Till the end of 2011, South Australia with 7.2% of Australia’s population, had 54% of the Country’s wind power capacity installed. And the main credit for the electric maintenance of wind turbines in Sydney goes to Electrician Sydney CBD.

Solar Heating and Photovoltaics

Solar Heating systems consists of fluid system for the movement of heat from collector to usage point , solar thermal collectors and a tank or reservoir for heat storage. This is considered to be the best among second generation systems since it is used for domestic purpose as heaters and also for industrial use for heating and cooling as well.
Photovoltaics are nothing but solar cells , which converts light energy to electricity.

Third Generation

Renewable Energy Sources - Know The Deployment Of Three Generations Of Renewable Energy

Third generation systems are still under research and development and still not practically implemented. This includes ocean energy, concentrating solar thermal power, bio-refinery technologies, hot-dry-rock geothermal power, and advanced biomass gasification. Nano- technology may play a major role in the third generation renewable energy. It is highly dependent on development commitments where public sector will play a role and long term research.

Ocean Energy

All the energies you can obtain from Oceans like tidal energy, river current, ocean current energy , salinity gradient energy and offshore winds , these combinedly constitutes Ocean Energy. To get a skilled labour for implementation of ocean energy plants you just have to consult Electrician of Northern Beaches.

Enhanced geothermal systems

The development and improvements of binary cycle power plants in drilling and extraction technology may enable enhanced geothermal systems over a greater geographical range than previous generations’ geothermal systems.
Discussed above is a brief description on the three generations of renewable energy.

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