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Rebranding: Earthava Launching


On my behalf as the CEO and the founder, I announce the launch of the new brand name Earthava.com. Survival Renewable Energy is now discontinued, And Earthava is the official name of our brand.

Why the change?

I have been thinking about rebranding a long time ago, and I was looking for the perfect way and time to do so. As the more the site grows the more I realized that the name is no longer fitting my mission. I become more aware of the other issues the planet is suffering from. It is not only relying on non-renewable that destroys our planet, there are other aspects that also should be covered like plastic pollution, non-ethical brands, poachers that are killing animals to extinction. So I came to the conclusion that Survival Renewable Energy is way too specific and does not cover the other issues.

Other Reasons

The name Survival Renewable Energy was chosen5 years ago now, back then I did not mind much or double thought the name. I chose it because it only seemed okay for my purpose back then, Now as the site becomes popular a rebranding was crucial since the old name is no longer fitting my purpose,

long, hard to memorize and to spell.

Why “Earthava”?

Looking for a new name was not an easy process, as I wanted a name to fit my purpose, short, easy to spell, and meaningful. I settled on Earthava. It has the world earth included that means I am having the space to cover everything related to taking care of it.

Ava is a feminine giving name meaning in Persian language Sound or voice and in other Languages it means life.

So in conclusion, it could mean Earth’s sound or Earth’s life. and it is now suitable for my purposes.

Earthava Logo

Earth Favicon


To sum up

First, I would like to say pardon for any confession that caused by the rebranding but this step was crucial. Keep on supporting us and we all will work towards a greener and a cleaner planet. Stay in touch if you have any questions.

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