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Mind-Blowing Wind Energy Facts


Star of India, world's oldest active sailing ship, during annual re-certification.
Wind Energy Facts

The Power Of The Wind Appeared when humans start Harnessing the wind for energy, which dates back to ancient times, As our ancestors many years ago used sails to propel ships or boats depending on the power of the wind.  Later on, humans used wind energy for powering grain grinding mills and water pumps.

Wind Energy Throughout The Years

Wind Energy’s Technologies went through a lot of different phases of development throughout lots years, During these phases, there was a big transformation between these heavy and crude devices to today’s efficient, smooth and modern Devices and machines Used for harnessing wind energy.

When Did Humans Start To use Wind Energy?

There were too many opinions about the right period when the origins of the concept of wind  for mechanical power,Some argue that it was back to ancient Babylonia ,As The Babylonian emperor Hammurabi was planning to use wind energy for an a irrigation project, that was back to seventeenth century B.C .

And some think that It was in India, As the references are seen on lifting water with a machine which operated by wind. but the weren’t any clue to prove that these concepts were transformed to a real hardware.

The earliest Design of windmills Dates back to 200 B.C ,As the Persians were using them for grinding the grains, These design were Vertical axis wind turbine and its sails were made from woods or reeds their seizes were a 9M tall and 5M long these sails  were attached to the central Shaft using a horizontal supporter and The grinding Stone were attached to the vertical shaft.

Uses Of Wind Energy

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Mind-Blowing Wind Energy Facts.

In The 13th Century, Grain grinding mills Were very popular in this period in most of Europe, the French started using this technology in 1105  A.D, The English started to use the same technology in 1191 A.D , European mills Were a horizontal axis.

The Dutch Were working a lot on improving the main design due to that they made a different types of mills Which were more efficient, Dutch not only used these mills for grinding grains but also for draining marshy lands in Holland. These Wind Mills reached America in mid 1700 By the dutch Settlers.

Then The water pumping windmills appeared ,they were made to pump water from a few meters below to the surface for agriculture purposes. over 6 millions unties of these water pumping wind mills were installed in USA alone between 1850 – 1930.

The wind electric generator followed the pumping water wind mills and appeared in approximately 1900, the very fist wing turbine was designed mainly for generating electricity was constructed in Denmark in 1890, During the same period In Cleveland ,Ohio they also construed a new electric wind generator, In 1910 these electric wind generator Started to generate electricity to the village in Denmark ,In 1920 these electric wind generator became commercially available in Markets In America.

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