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{Infographic} Energy Outlook For 2040


This infographic looks at the predicted outcomes of global energy usage by 2040, highlighting the efforts being made by countries who have made a pledge to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD, and the countries that have yet to make their pledge.

Climate change on a global scale means that unless continued efforts are made into lowering energy consumption and investments are made into renewable energy the future of the planet looks bleak. The infographic gives a brief overview on the amount to energy currently being used, and forecasts the rise for both renewable and non-renewable energies by 2040.

The projected worldwide investments to 2040 include a variety of ways to generate electricity using ‘green’ methods, and while we are becoming accustomed to seeing on and off shore wind turbines, and hydroelectric plants, there are both small and large photovoltaic projects on the horizon, that will help lower energy consumption, which in turn will help to save the planet.

While massive investments are required globally the infographic indicates a number of ways that we can help to save the planet, and while one individual’s efforts may not be much, if we were to all make a conscious effort to ‘go green’ at work and home, the difference would contribute tangibly to helping save the planet for future generations.

{Infographic} Energy Outlook For 2040
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