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How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


We all know the carbon footprint is now something to be proud of – the smaller it is, the better! The carbon emissions’ side effects are quite negative, starting with the dreaded global warming. Of course, you can purchase carbon offsets to make up for the carbon dioxide you produce, whether as an individual, as a business or company. However, there are different ways to reduce your carbon footprint by adopting a few minor changes in your daily routine.

If you run a business and are preoccupied by the carbon footprint, you can also adopt certain strategies that are guaranteed to make a difference or you can teach your employees about reducing their carbon footprint. This is a great contribution for the future generations.

You can reduce your carbon footprint

If you make a few minor adjustments regarding your house.

A programmable thermostat doesn’t cost a lot and will allow you to save countless times more in energy.

Don’t overheat your house for no reason

You can also save water by turning it off while brushing your teeth and not spending unnecessary time in the shower with the water running.

You can also contribute by purchasing energy-star labeled appliances and electronics.

Try to use solar power as much as possible, if the conditions allow you to.

Regarding transportation

Try to practice using your bike instead of your car. If conditions allow you, you can even go to the office by bike, instead of public transportation or personal car. Not only are you reducing your carbon footprint, but you also get a good morning exercise.

You could try to walk small distances. If you’re planning on a long-distance car drive, try to find a few people heading the same direction – you can all share the same car. Also, if you own a car, make sure it’s in good shape so that is runs efficiently. The maintenance of a car is very important in terms of carbon footprint. Don’t forget to replace your air, oil and fuel filters when necessary and also, keep your tires inflated at the optimal level.

When at the office

Enable your power management system for your devices.

Think twice before printing something – perhaps you can e-mail it or save it on a stick.

Also, try double-sided print when possible. It does not just save some paper, it also saves energy.

Make sure you’re shutting off the lights or air conditioning in unused rooms.

Also, as mentioned above, try to use your car as rarely as possible to get to work. Use a bike or share a drive instead.

Try to reuse and recycle everything that you can, including work supplies. Don’t waste post-its, paper or food.

Don’t let your devices hibernate – shut them down when you’re not using them.

Take Notice

All these small changes can make an impact on the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. What you cannot compensate by action, you can definitely compensate by purchasing carbon offsets. Choose the projects you prefer and invest in them, in order to maintain a clean, safe environment, despite CO2 emissions that are increasing day by day.

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